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The structure of human awareness emerges directly out of man's temporal situation and his relation to being. Both his seven-dimensional human predicament (Guilt, Anxiety, Boredom, Idolatry, Despair, Alienation, and Desecration) and his seven-fold possibility for authenticity (Forgiveness, Trust, Respons-ability, Faith, New Identity, Love, Consecration) develop as an expression of his sevenfold existential relation to Time and Being.

The work that is frequently referenced in this grid is, "The Structure of Awareness," by Thomas C. Oden, 1969 (henceforth, TSOA). In fact, my "Thesis" draws largely from Oden's work and attempts to extend it to other studies.


God Past Self Others Future World Present
  I-You   I-I I-you   I-it  
Relationships trans-personal remembered intra-personal inter-personal anticipated sub-personal experiencing
Access to Awareness Valuational Consciousness Memory Self-Consciousness Social-Consciousness Imagination Spacio-physical Consciousness Experience
Man's Predicament Idolatry Guilt Despair Alienation Anxiety Desecration Boredom
Man's Promise Faith Forgiveness New Identity Love Trust Consecration Respons-ability
God honor (authority) before time blessing (majesty) glory forever power now
God's Names Elohim (Creator) Jehovah-Rapha (Lord who Heals) Jehovah-Tsidkenu (Lord our Righteousness) Jehovah-Rohi (Lord my Shepherd) Immanuel (God with us) El Shaddai (God Almighty) Yahweh (I Am)
Week day 1- Sunday 2 - Monday 3 - Tuesday 4 - Wednesday 5 - Thursday 6 - Friday 7 - Saturday
Creation Week Light Air & Waters Earth & Vegetation Sun, Moon & Stars Birds & Fish Animals & Man Sabbath
Creation Theme Son-light (1st cause) Symmetry (duality) Seed (reproduction) Seasons (timekeepers) Song Son of God (dominion) Sabbath (rest)

Commandments (Love your neighbor as yourself)

honor parents not kill not adultery not steal not lie not covet

Sabbath (rest)

Character Qualities Authority Conscience (Responsibility) Morality (Freedom) Service (Suffering)

Meditation (Success)

Ownership (Rights) Design
Tabernacle furniture Altar of Burnt Offering Laver (water) Table of Showbread Candlestick Altar of Incense (prayers) Mercy Seat Ark of Covenant (law)
Feasts Passover - 1st born Unleavened Bread - exodus First Fruits - manna Pentecost - law & spirit Trumpets - warning Atonement - judgment Tabernacles - Canaan rest
Christ's Kingdom Persecuted Peacemaker Pure in heart Mourn & Merciful Hunger and thirst for righteousness Meek (inherit the earth) Poor in spirit
Christ's Resurrection Life over death Good over evil Identity preserved Victorious life Truth over falsehood My resurrection assured Love over hate
Spiritual Gifts Leader Giver Prophet Service Teacher Mercy Exhorter
Seven Churches Ephesus - lost 1st love Smyrna - poverty, death Pergamum - food to idols, immorality Thyatira - love, service, latter works Sardis - dead, wake up Philadelphia - hour of trial Laodicea - lukewarm
Seven Churches - the one who conquers Eat of the tree of life Not hurt by 2nd death Hidden manna, white stone with new name Authority over nations, morning star White garments, book of life Pillar in the temple, name of God and city Sit on Christ's throne
Peter's ladder
(2 Peter 1:5-7)
Virtue Knowledge Self-control (or Temperance) Steadfastness (or Patience) Godliness Brotherly affection Love
Seven Seals White horse - conquer Red horse - no peace Black horse - famine Pale horse - death Altar - martyrs Great earthquake - 2nd coming Silence in heaven
Seven Trumpets Hail & fire, mixed with blood Fiery mountain thrown into the sea Wormwood in rivers Sun, Moon & Stars struck Bottomless pit - locusts (1st woe) Four angels at Euphrates (2nd woe, 7 thunders, 2 witnesses) Kingdom of Christ (3rd woe, ark of his covenant)
Seven Last Plagues Sores on earth On the sea - blood Rivers to blood Scorching Sun Throne of beast into darkness Euphrates - Armageddon It is done - great earthquake
Meditation Wiser than enemies Success will be obvious to all Victory over sin Whatever you do will prosper Wiser than teachers Able to give wise counsel Filled with joy
Unity in the Body (Ephesians 4:4-6) God and Father faith body hope baptism Lord Spirit
Seven sayings (on the cross) Father, forgive them... Today in paradise Woman, behold your son... My God, My God, why...forsaken me? I thirst It is finished Father, into your hands...
Seventh-day Adventism God's Nature - Binitarian God's Plan - The Sanctuary God's Creation - Conditionalism God's Law - Immutable God's Love - Christ our righteousness God's Justice - Annihilationist God's Rest - Sabbath