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Character Qualities

The seven universal principles as taught by Bill Gothard are summarized here: Life Principles. And the definition to the following 49 character qualities are downloadable from here: Character Qualities; or viewed directly from here: Operational Definitions of Character Qualities.



Past Future Present God Self Others World

Universal Principles

Conscience / Giver Meditation / Teacher Design / Exhorter Authority / Ruler Morality / Prophet Service / Servant Ownership / Mercy
Past Conscience / Giver

Resourceful - Ask, seek, and knock

Self-controlled - Do not commit adultery Faith - Pray and fast in secret Responsible - Be reconciled Truthful - Keep your word Generous - Let your light shine Just - Go to offenders
Future Meditation / Teacher Cautious - Be baptized Security - Be born again Discerning - Judge not Loyal - Honor marriage Persuasive - Be a house of prayer Flexible - Make disciples Meek - Follow me
Present Design / Exhorter Content - Do not covet Dependable - Feed my sheep Wise - Be wise as serpents Humble - Repent Obedient - Take my yoke Available - Be a servant Gentle - Love your neighbor
God Authority / Ruler Grateful - Render to Caesar Reverent - Honor your parents Loving - Honor God's law Orderly - Receive God's power Bold - Fear God, not man Joyful - Rejoice Attentive - Hear God's voice
Self Morality / Prophet Tolerant - Despise not little ones Diligent - Keep my commandments Enthusiastic - Love God Determined - Deny yourself Virtuous - Beware of leaven Alert - Beware of false prophets Deference - Go the 2nd mile
Others Service / Servant Punctual - Await my return Patient - Ask in faith Creative - Love your enemies Initiative - Seek God's Kingdom Forgiving - Forgive offenders Hospitable - Bring in the poor Sensitive - Do unto others
World Ownership / Mercy Thrifty - Lay up treasures Thorough - Take, eat, and drink Discrete - Do not cast pearls Decisive - Choose the narrow way Sincere - Be perfect Enduring - Watch and pray Compassionate - Pray for laborers

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