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Each of us is born with certain unchangeables that are beyond our control. For example, we did not choose our birth parents, our brothers and sisters, our birth order, our gender, our nationality, or our innate physical features. Since we cannot change these things, we have a choice. Either we choose to be grateful for God's purposes for these unchangeable features, or we will recent them and likely become bitter toward God and toward life in general. The basic principle is that true happiness does not come from our outward appearance or physical circumstances, but from the development of inward character, such as gratefulness, patience, compassion, and joyfulness.


  • (YouTube) The big secret nobody wants to tell: Bruce Muzik at TEDxSinCity. Uploaded 6/3/2011. Bruce Muzik presents a riveting talk about the devastating impact that withholding secrets can have on our lives and what to do about it. Bruce Muzik is a world class trainer and speaker. He is known as the "white man that lived for 6 months in a black ghetto" in post-apartheid South Africa. His passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.