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Past Future Present God Self Others World

Universal Principles

Conscience Meditation Design Authority Morality Service Ownership
Past Conscience

Guilt vs Conscience

Anxiety vs Success Boredom vs Design Idolatry vs Law Despair vs Service Alienation vs Freedom Desecration vs Ownership
Future Meditation Good over evil Truth over falsehood Love over hate Life over death Identity preserved Life of Victory Resurrection assured
Present Design Forgiveness Trust Testimony Faith Reverence Community /Love Consecration
God Authority Archeology Bible Sabbath God and worship Prophecy Discipleship Creationism
Self Morality Peace maker (Witnessing) Hunger & thirst for righteousness (or Art / Music) Poor in spirit (or explore Nature) Persecuted Pure (not defraud) (or Discipline) Mourn & Merciful (or brotherhood) Meek (or Christian entertainment)
Others Service Memory Mental Health Content Love Health Fellowship Self-reliance
World Ownership

Giver (or Math)

Teacher (or Music) Exhorter (or English) Ruler (or Law) Prophet (or Science) Servant (or Business) Mercy (or Counseling)