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  • CamStudio 2.6. Free streaming video software useful in creating software tutorials. The default settings, however, won't allow more than about one minute of recording, due to the maximum limit for AVI files. Thus, you need to change both the Audio and Video settings once installed in order to create smaller AVI files. To change the Audio, go to the Options menuitem, select "Audio Options --> Audio Options for Microphone" and enable "Use MCI Recording". To change the Video settings, go to the Options menuitem, select "Video Options" and change the Compressor to "Microsoft Video 1", change the Quality to 100, disable "Auto Adjust" then change the "Set Key Frames Every" to 100, change the "Capture Frames Every" to 40, and change the "Playback Rate" to 25. To better find the files CamStudio creates, go to the Options menuitem, select "Program Options --> Directory for recording" and point to a folder of your choosing. Also, under the Options menuitem make sure the "Record audio from microphone" is checked. Finally, under the Region menuitem, select "Window" to record a smaller, targeted region.
  • Best Settings for CamStudio to Sync Audio and Video. Good video describing the changes listed above and the reasons behind them.

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