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THLD: Threshold Pharmaceuticals



  • March 6 - cowan
  • March 14 - ny academy of science
  • March 19-23 -i'm guessing this is when the 10q/conference call is; last year, THLD filed on March 24; might be last week of March.


  • Phase 3 results on Sarcoma end of 2012.
  • Phase 3 begins on Pancreatic Cancer probably mid to late 2012.
  • FDA decision end of 2013.
  • Phase 3 data on Pancreatic Cancer 2014.
  • FDA decision 2015 on pancreatic cancer.

THLD on a well-designed phase 2 extended PFS (progression-free survival) for 2 months and probably 3 months on the higher dosage cohort of 340mg. Of course anyting can happen but P2 data might be good enough for early decision on Pancreatic Cancer. Buyout can happen. In any case they have a big pharma as partner and they won't be needing funding anytime soon.