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Gold/Silver price objectives. Gold to $11,077 and silver to $575 between now (2018) and 2024. See: Gold Price Manipulation, the Vatican Bank and $11k Gold. Published 4/7/2018. Duration 17:53.

Gold/Debt historic ratio. A 26% backing of gold to debt ratio in 1934 and 1980 would yield an equivalent $21,000 per ounce of gold today. See: A Reset Like in 1934 and 1980 Would Mean $21'000 Gold. Published 4/19/2018. Duration 11:12. For silver it would mean $1,090 per ounce of silver, if the ratio of gold/silver is 19.26.

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  • Wealth Is Directly Linked To Current Relative Value. Published 1/6/2019. An issue that should not slip by unnoticed is that both debt and a number of paper assets has grown massively over recent decades and especially in recent years. The material world of tangible items by its nature has been far more restrained in its growth, in short, the amount of tangible goods has not matched the growth of paper assets. This is key to understanding the true risk of inflation going forward!

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