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Natural Hygiene links

Dr. Sniadach: Strategies for True Health. An excellent Natural Hygiene educational site. The following links are three articles of note.

Natural Hygiene Network & Houston Health Association. Excellent articles and links.

International Association of Hygienic Physicians (IAHP). The certified Natural Hygienist Doctors Association. Go here to get in touch with the right guys to give you guidance especially for supervised fasting.

Healthful Living International. A new organization - online - however beware if they go too much the raw food way.

Chet Day's Health & Beyond. Hundreds of excellent articles and links. Not all are Natural Hygiene.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe. Excellent articles and links. Not all are Natural Hygiene.

Vegetarian USA. Excellent links on Natural Hygiene, Vegan, and Vegetarian lifestyles.

American Natural Hygiene Society. This was the original Natural Hygiene institution, established by Dr. Herbert Shelton over 50 years ago. Unfortunately, this organization is on the downhill and has seen much better days. The sad part is that it is distancing itself from Natural Hygiene - so much so that it has even changed its name to the "National Health Association". The classic texts and wisdom of Shelton have been sidelined - even Shelton's books are hard to get from the ANHS now. They wish to integrate into the mainstream and are spending lots of money to get acceptance from the medical profession -something that will never happen. Still, if you have no other resource, you can join them. If you are in the vicinity, you can attend one of their annual conferences but only one is required - they are mostly rehashes.