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Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1895-1985)

Dr. Shelton was an iconoclast and rebel health pioneer. Standing on the shoulders of prior progressive and independent thinkers, Dr. Shelton relentlessly taught and promoted a practical, sensible and extremely effective system of achieving overall human health and happiness - Natural Hygiene. The name comes from two words: Natural - in harmony with Nature, and Hygiene - the science of good health.

Illness does not develop without cause; there are laws which regulate human life as well as any other system or constitution, and the man who violates any of the laws of his being, ought to know, when he suffers mental and physical distress, that this is a consequence of the transgression. (Herbert Shelton 1968)

His works

Dr. Shelton's 40-some books are difficult to find. We recommend you read as much as is available online before you go shopping. The following are public domain:

Difference between Natural Hygiene and Alternative Medicine

Natural Hygiene stands unique among all other therapies and healing sciences in that it alone insists that there is no such thing as cure - only self-healing. All other therapies try to deal with the symptoms using this therapy or that. Herbs, magnets, needles, lotions, potions, light, heat, mud etc. In Natural Hygiene there is no therapy, no treatment. Natural hygiene does not try to treat symptoms - it is the only system that insists on finding out the cause of the disease and attacking that.

Only in certain life threatening cases, or in case of accident, trauma etc it is possible to do something (via emergency medication, surgery etc) to help the body. In acute and chronic sickness, the body is best left to deal with the problem.

A bad Diet is the principal reason for sickness. By eating a diet high in natural, whole, raw foods we can avoid most illnesses. Cooked food should be minimized and processed food avoided altogether.

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