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Other Creation Science links

Here are other links on Creationism.

Creationism Connection. Excellent web site with many links to different creation ministries including some with videos. Its a big html page that takes time to load, so be patient.

Answers in Genesis. Ken Ham's organization website. Distributes the very well written and highly recommended Creation Magazine (published quarterly) and TJ technical journal (tri-annually).

Christian Answers. Click on the Creation SuperLibrary button to access a wealth of online articles.

Missouri Association for Creation. Excellent online articles.

The Creation Research Society. A professional organization of scientists and laypersons. They publish The CRS Quarterly technical journal and bi-monthly Creation Matters newsletter. They also list a worldwide directory of Creationist Organizations.

Creation Safaris. Dr. James F. Coppedge's website. It includes selections of his book, Evolution: Possible or Impossible? (Molecular Biology and the Laws of Chance, in Nontechnical Language).

Noah's Ark Search. Website dedicated to the search for Noah's Ark.

Creation Evidence Museum. Website to the creationist museum located in Glen Rose, Texas. Famous for the demonstration of man and dinosaurs living contemporaneously.


Sword and Spirit. Christian apologetics website with many creation science articles.

Disciplines & Inventions by Creation Scientists