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Transvaluation of Our Values

Faith makes relative all those values which our idolatry made absolute. All life can now be valued anew in the light of the giver and slayer of creaturely values. That God has reduced our gods to ashes does not imply that we should despair over the good and beautiful things in this world. Our best causes (no longer hoped-for deliverers) become more deeply significant, not less. They are not gods, so they can now be valued as a part of contextually good created order. We can value them realistically and work hard for their realization. Genuine devotion becomes possible in a real and relative sense.

Confidence in God puts an end to the conflict of our gods. All things in creation may be valued anew in the light of the giver and slayer of value. One comes freshly to see new worth in what was once considered vulgar or valueless. That which was once considered threatening and unchallengeable is now welcomed as less than finally threatening. We are called to value all of life anew in relation to the ground, giver, and judge of value.

Reference: TSOA, p. 241.