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  • A brief History of the Calendar and Time Keeping. Published 3/24/2016. Duration 58:18.
  • Biomimetics Means - God Invented It First (Part 1). Published 4/6/2019. Duration 1:09:04. Presented by Dr. Thomas Kindell. The speaker details a long list of fascinating wonders in nature.
  • Biomimetics Means - God Invented It First. Published 2/13/2019. Duration 43:05. Presented by Dr. Thomas Kindell. More fascinating wonders.
  • The Fossil Record: Proof of Noah's Flood or Evolution. Published 3/20/2018. Duration 16:00. Over 1,000 fossil bats and no transitional forms. Pterosaurs in the fossil record are completely formed with no ancestors. According to Darwin, " by evolution theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed." Also, "When we descend to details, we cannot prove that a single species has changed; nor can we prove that the supposed changes are beneficial, which is the groundwork of the theory."
  • Ibid. All of today's reptile groups have been found in dinosaur layers and they look the same or similar to modern forms: snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodilians, etc., including birds, which evolutionists claim came after dinosaurs in the evolutionary chain.
  • Stand-up comedy routine about bad science. Published 11/6/2018. Duration 10:55.