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"Card-playing should be prohibited. The associations and tendencies are dangerous. The prince of the powers of darkness presides in the gaming-room and wherever there is card-playing. Evil angels are familiar guests in these places. There is nothing in such amusements beneficial to soul or body. There is nothing to strengthen the intellect, nothing to store it with valuable ideas for future use. . . . These games are the most senseless, useless, unprofitable and dangerous employments the youth can have." --Ellen G. White, Christian Education, p. 34

Seventh-day Adventists against card-playing

3. Unacceptable activities. Adventists also teach that gambling, card playing, theater going, and dancing are to be avoided (1 John 2:15-17). They question spending time watching violent sporting events (Phil. 4:8). Any activity that weakens our relationship with our Lord and causes us to lose sight of eternal interests helps to bind Satan's chains about our souls. Christians will rather participate in those wholesome forms of leisure activities that will truly refresh their physical, mental, and spiritual natures. --Christian Behavior, 27 Fundamental Beliefs, Chapter 21.

Anti-Christian symbolism in doubt

Some claim that playing-cards have anti-Christian symbolism. We could not verify this claim and believe it is unsupported. Here are some links making this claim: