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Oregon Umpqua College (Chris Harper-Mercer) Shooting - (October 1, 2015)

Why it's a hoax:

  1. Follow the money. The school was about to layoff staff because of lack of funds.
  2. The hero is a zero. Chris Mintz, the supposed hero, was shot 7 times (abdomen, back, both hands, etc.) and broke both legs. Yet, when you see the pictures of him being wheeled off on the stretcher, there is no blood and no signs of trauma. He is an out of state student. Photos of Mr. Mintz's wounds suggests it was a herniated belly button surgery. Donations approach one million dollars for Mr. Mintz.
  3. No shots were heard. 30+ rounds were reportedly fired, yet no one heard shots. Multiple students were interviewed, some even in the room adjacent to the incident, and they heard no gun shots.
  4. All major government agencies were present. Agencies on the scene: Homeland Security, FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshals, plus all local police forces.
  5. Multiple guns. The official report is that he brought in *six* weapons. How did he walk into a classroom with so many guns? And, if he did, how come it took a while for him to decide to shoot? And, why did the students not overpower him or bolt out of the room?
  6. Practice drills. Practice drills were done a few months before. The most recent one was just a week before, according the school president.
  7. Crisis actors. Evidence of phony acting. Also evidence of actors from out of state.
  8. Repeat actors. Evidence of at least two actors in previous mass shootings.

Hero is a zero: