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The Graphic Designer's Own Words

From: (emphasis is mine):

I've been accused of a lot of things relative to my design of the Adventist logo: some say I'm a Jesuit . . . some say I'm trying to promote sun worship . . . I've even been accused of making a statement for women's ordination by secretly incorporating the symbol of venus into the design, but that's the first time I've been accused of "plonking". That really hurts!

Seriously, Dave Newman's background as an editor should have compelled him to talk to me before stating as fact, what I intended with the design.

I was never under the delusion that everyone would be pleased with the design so debating the design critics and conspiracy theorists is usually fruitless. Rest assured, I share your belief that Christ's sacrifice is the only thing that makes our salvation possible. I was never given any instructions from the Church administration dictating size or placement of any element in the design. In fact one of the few suggestions was to NOT do a "three angels" design. Most graphic depictions of three angels say nothing to the uninitiated about our beliefs and typically prompt queries such as "what do the three ducks mean?"

I was asked only to create a design that reflected the eschatology of the Church. I decided what elements to use. The design principles of balance and scale dictated their placement and size. Designers understand there is more than one way to emphasize an element. The cross is the key piece of the design which every other element radiates from or leads to. the curving lines of the Bible and flame shape all draw the viewers eye to the cross.

I really don't mind the criticism, in fact I would change a few things myself if I could. The design was intended to be a unifying element for a very diverse, global community of believers. It needed to be something that Adventists from every culture could feel comfortable using to identify themselves. Yet, there will always be people who won't use the design because there is a cross in it and people who won't use it because the cross is too small. Intolerance from either side seems to demonstrate a lack of understanding of what Christ tried to teach his followers.