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SDA Pioneer Beliefs

Church Organization

  • The Times of the Gentiles, Part 2 - with Pastor Allen Stump. Duration 1:00:29. (Starting at 25:37.) Goes over some aspects of church organization.
    • 1863 - The SDA was founded.
    • 1888 - Righteousness by faith promoted by Jones and Waggoner included: (1) Righteousness by faith, (2) Religious liberty, and (3) Church organization.
    • 1897 - EGW wrote that it is not wise to choose one man as President of the SDA organization. They broke the GC (General Conference) into three GCs: (1) GC of USA, (2) GC of Europe and (3) GC of Australia.
    • 1901 - At the GC meeting in Battle Creek, Michigan, EGW gave a talk in which she declared that instead of a man leading the work, the Holy Spirit should lead the people of God. Due to EGW's prompting, the GC President position was abolished. Instead they had a committee of 25 members.
    • 1903 - The GC meeting created a new constitution and re-established the Office of the President. What was done was to paint a blueprint for another Papal system.
    • 1914 (WWI) - German SDA Church breaks from the GC and becomes the SDA Reformed Movement as a consequence of the GC's demands that its members obey the German government and join the German army.
    • 1950 - 1888 Re-examined, Weiland & Short, (revised in 1988 but is inferior to original 1950 manuscript).
    • 1955 - SDA Evangelical Conference, attendees included: Donald Barnhouse, Walter Martin, Leroy Froom, et. al. The discussion lead to the book, Questions on Doctrine.
    • 1967 - June 27-29, GC rejects the Weiland & Short manuscript after 17 years of dialog between the authors and the GC.
    • 1980 - New statement of fundamental beliefs from the GC.
    • Present - The SDA Church has a hierarchical system only second to the Catholic Church.

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