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The "Godhead" Project

Description: The "Godhead" Project proposes to create a website which consolidates all available research, studies, sermons, articles, blogs, forums, videos, etc., on the subject of the Trinity, with a bias towards the non-Trinitarian view.

The Benefits

  • One topic, one focus. By having one website devoted to this subject, the inquirer will have an easier time learning about the subject. The inquirer can also be better "directed" in their study. He or she will not be distracted or "put off" by unrelated material which they may have a bias against.
  • Minimize duplication. The potential for duplication of content can be minimized when contributors have one central location for sharing.
  • Greater promotion. Greater promotion of the topic rather than a particular "ministry." Rather than having independent ministries promoting their own websites to learn about this subject, they can all point to one location which deals with this subject exclusively. That's not to say these ministries could not be referenced as sponsors.
  • Forum for discussion. It can be a forum for discussion and (cordial) debate.