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Stock Market Timing

Market Commentary

  • Big Trends. Daily TrendWatch from
  • After Midnight. Toni Hanson is usually a good read each morning and usually contains a relevant clue to reading the charts.
  • Financial Sense Online. Daily market wrapup with occasional market direction commentary.

Trend Analysis

  • Aegean Capital Group, Inc.. Home of Ike Iossif (President/CIO), a superb technical analyst. The website is one of the ugliest looking on the web, but they have great stuff.
  • Market Summary & Forecast. Larry Katz website. His MSF Technical Barometer gives good idea whether overbought/oversold condition.
  • MarketSwing. Donald Sew makes his home there. One of the best market timers available. Utilizes unique "Class" calls. The message boards are light but informative. When Donald Sew goes on Yahoo! Chat click on Business&Finance on the left, then User Rooms on the upper right, then click on Yukon.
  • Investors Hub. Where Zeev Hed hangs out. Check in Free Zone, User's Groups. Zeev uses a proprietary timing system called Turnips. Zeev occasionally makes good market direction calls. He's a very good stock picker.
  • Top Advisor's Corner. Periodic updates from some of the best known names in the stock market advisory business.

Index Analysis

Indicators, Ratios, etc.

Market cycles, and other studies

  • Market Cycles. Buy in November and sell in May, and other cycle theories.
  • Market Turns Cyclic Advisory is edited nightly by Jim Curry. Specializes in Hurst cyclical analysis to definine short and intermediate-term market turning points. (Expensive paid service.)
  • Market timing using the S&P 500. A simple approach which follows two exponential moving averages (i.e. the 10-week and 50-week) of the S&P 500.