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Gold and Silver Charts

See my charts on gold and silver here:

Enormous volume in Silver for the months of February-April, 2013. From: NetDania.

Stock market decline together with a gold parabolic cliimb in the 2014-2015 timeframe. The following chart is taken from this article: Major Top in Stocks and Major Bottom in Gold.


Gold/Silver mania phase possible in the 2015-2016 time period:

Very long term silver chart below (Exit From Massive Silver Base Projects Staggering 1,020% Move). The latest resistance tested, with a slight false break, was in April of 2011 at the monthly closing level of $48. The previous all-time monthly closing high was on Jan 31st, 1980 at $38.53 (although the intraday high was slightly above $50). This price pattern indicates that the silver price should move significantly higher on the next sustained break above the $38.50 to $40 zone....The minimum topside target for silver is around $200 which is the top of the major price channel.

Gold – Weekly Buy Signal: The weekly stochastic and TDI indicators produced a “buy-signal” in the gold market (and various ETFs for gold) in January 2013.

Gold Market Update: The 7-year chart for gold shown below is very interesting and useful as it reveals that gold can drop back down as far as its lower supporting trendline and crucial strong support at and above $1500, without it even putting a dent in its long-term bullmarket.

Special Friday Gold ‘Chart Mania’: We continue to believe that the present pattern in gold over the past 17 months remains similar to that seen during the 16 month consolidation in 2006-2007 before it moved higher again. Very strong support continues to exist in the $1,520-$1,530 area and we still believe this to be a platform for the next leg is a break of the $1,790-1,800 area on a weekly close basis that would signal a topside breakout. A move towards $2,055-2,060 would be the target on that break.

What OMF Means for GOLD: A lift in gold with a correcting equity market should not be unexpected.

We do a lot of work with Fibonacci Ellipses and they have proven extremely accurate within this central bank controlled environment which we are presently witnessing. Our Fibonacci Spirals (below) has confirmed the consolidation pattern with a high probability.